Tip Toeing Through the Data

We are in the final count down to the conference.  Yay!  The weather has been delightful - a little rain, gentle temperatures.  What will it be during the conference?  Impossible to say - bring layers!

We met with the staff of three of the facilities this morning to go over our plans once more.  That isn't to say we won't tweak again, if necessary, but the broad strokes are in place.

I have to say, the staff have been terrific.  At the Civic Centre we settled on how the seating will be arranged for the evening general session addresses, and they suggested something much nicer than I had been thinking of doing.  Nothing like pros who understand their facility and the way to serve their clients well!

We went over a/v requirements and how to set up in the foyer in order to meet our needs.

Then we went to the art gallery and got the room assignments sorted there, had a nice talk with several of their employees.

From there over to the Coast Hotel where we also went over a/v and other needs - hot plates for a couple of the workshops/seminars, access to water and so on.  In a perfect world there would be plenty, of projectors, sinks, hot plates, but it isn't a perfect world and there will have to be some co-operation.  But that's usually how fibre instructors roll, helping each other and working together. 

The fashion show line up is done (I posted the line up yesterday, then discovered two more garments that had been submitted on the exhibit entry form, so those have been added to the fashion show.)

After three hours of meetings this morning, I'm going to take a break from crunching data and work on my own stuff for a couple of hours.  I should be getting the latest registration info in the next day or two, and then I'll get the details to the instructors along with last minute information, then start drawing up the individual 'schedules' for the registration/check in envelopes.

We have the goodie bags, the volunteer aprons and one guild created a banner which will be installed at the Civic Centre. 

There will be some food services at the Civic Centre in addition to the Coast and Courtyard hotels.  We arranged for a snack bar during the two days of workshops, then a concession service with salads, sandwiches and beverages on the Fri/Sat.

There are restaurants at the Coast Hotel, across the street at the White Spot (restaurant), plus a bistro at the Courtyard Marriott and Tim Horton's serves soup and sandwiches as well as doughnuts and muffins.

Lots more restaurants are well within walking distance. 

All the threads are coming together...


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