Lists, Lists and More Lists

Robyn Spady

We are down to the data crunching, list generating, with bells on!

Recently I saw a post on social media about facility accessibility at convention locations.

Now is a good time to remind people that all of the facilities we are using are accessible.

My little town has done a pretty good job of making sure there are ramps from sidewalks onto street level, ramps to buildings, all of the buildings have elevators to upper floors, all have buttons to press to automatically open doors and the Civic Centre has one set of doors at the two main entry points that will open automagically upon approach.

All facilities are air conditioned so perhaps bring a shawl or light sweater if the rooms are breezy or a little cool.  Evenings can be cool anyway, so layers are a good fashion statement.  And we are textile artists, so I'm quite sure we must have shawls or something to show off!

However, that said, we were recently notified that the library is upgrading their entrance, so it may be necessary to go to the Civic Centre and use the elevator there to get to the upper floor to access the library.  Otherwise, it's a trip down the ramp to the parking area, and take the elevator from there up to the library main floor.

If anyone has mobility challenges, the Civic Centre does have two wheel chairs for attendees to borrow, which may make shopping in the vendor hall easier and less stressful.  If you have a walker or other mobility aid, let people know at check in and we can reserve a seat for you and a companion at the keynote and fashion show.

The Plaza has seating at various places, the hotels have seating in the lobby, as does the Civic Centre.  Feel free to take a wee break if you need to.

The library has a meditation garden tucked away at the back of the building - another quiet place to sit and get away from the stimulation.

Tomorrow we begin assembling the check in packages.  Two weeks today!  14 days!  


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