Still Room For More!

Robin Spady

We are coming down to the wire.  Early bird registration ends on April 15.  At this time we will be turning the class lists over to the instructors and those who need to send out class materials will be contacting their students.  While we will continue to accept registrations at the After Early Bird Pricing until workshops are full, it is most helpful to instructors to have a way to get instructions and/or materials to their students to them early enough that they can arrive prepared.

Jane Stafford and Robyn Spady were gracious enough to add a few more seats to their workshops so there is still space if you were longing to connect with either of them.

At this time all workshops still have space although some are getting very nearly full (Spady, Stafford and Wroot, in particular)

Several seminars are full.

When you go to the registration site, open a cart and drop down menus will appear.  Anything that is full will be greyed out.

As a conference registrant, you may sign up for three seminar time slots.  You will also be eligible for the many sponsored awards for the exhibits/fashion show.  (Entry forms on the website - click on link above.)  You will be able to attend special interest meetings (times/places will be posted in the registration/check in area in the Civic Centre).  You will get a seat at the keynote address (Abby Franquemont) and the fashion show.

There will be opportunity to socialize, shop and visit the exhibits.  There will be time for inspiration and communication with others as fascinated by the textile arts as you are.

As far as I know, Prince George is the farthest north ANWG conferences have been held.  If you are from the north, now is your chance to hop in your car and have a fibre adventure.  Bring your fibre besties. 

It's gonna be a time!


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