Registration Update

Early bird registration ended on the 15th and we have spent the weekend crunching numbers to see where we are at.

For workshops, two were cancelled - Elizabeth Schatz and Coleen Nimetz.

However they are both still coming to present seminars.

The following seminars have been cancelled:

Fri am
Maureen Faulkner - Travel and Textiles (Fri pm seminar is still accepting students)
Elizabeth Schatz - Fair Isle Knitting (Fri pm seminar is still accepting students)

Fri pm
Susan Pavel - Weaving Words (Fri am is still accepting students)

Sat am
Mary Lessman - Cables Under Construction
Michelle Boyd - Up to Batt (Abby Franquemont is doing a seminar on batts Sat pm)

Sat pm
Elizabeth Schatz - Take the Eek out of Steek

People in those events have been contacted and will be switched to available seminars

Events that are full are:
Workshops:  Jane Stafford Huck of a Good Time

Fri am
Tien Chiu - Colour Courage
Kim McKenna - The Art of Handcombing
Jane Stafford - Unit Weaves (two parts, am/pm)

Fri pm
Kim McKenna - Dye Studio in  a Bucket

Sat pm
Yoriko Oki - Dyeing to Weave
Elizabeth Schatz - Nalbind like a Viking

The rest of the workshops and seminars are still accepting registrations.  The conference website will be updated shortly to reflect these as no longer being available. 


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