A Gathering of Talent

A conference is all about celebrating - the talents of everyone, the inspiration, the creativity, but above all...the textiles.

We have gathered a group of very knowledgeable and talented instructors who are ready, willing and eager to pass their knowledge on to those who want to learn.

In the 21st century it is now possible to take classes on line (we have some of those on line instructors in our line up!),  by reading (we have authors!), by participating in on line discussion/interest groups (we have some of those!) but best of all?  Is learning in real life.

While photos can tell you a lot about a textile, there is nothing quite like seeing it in real life.  In some cases you can even touch!  (It's not called the weaver's handshake - that gentle rubbing of the cloth between finger and thumb - for nothing.)

Organizing a conference is a lot like designing a textile.  Details, details, details need to be organized.  That kind of organization takes time so our early bird deadline will allow us to take the information on class sizes, entry forms for exhibits, and room requirements and begin to sort out the details of the equipment, audio visual aids, room sizes, and scheduling and make sure there is going to be ample time for everyone to have a great time.

Of course we will accept more registrations after the April 15 early bird deadline, but those will be welcome additions to our event.  We just have to start somewhere. 

Spring is well on the way here and we are looking forward to the arrival of a group of enthusiastic fibre folk to enjoy our little town and delve into aspects of the textile world that excite them.  The conference is just about at the summer turn of the sun so participants will be able to enjoy our long daylight summer solstice days.  Sunrise is around 4 am and sunset at 10 pm or so in mid-June.  


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