No Previous Experience

Dyes from natural dye stuff don't have to be drab!

The entry into fibre arts can be easy!  Always wanted to learn how to dye using natural dyes?  We got you covered!  (Mary Lessman, Colours from Nature)

Always wanted to know more about how to create interesting designs but don't know anything about design principles?  We got you covered!  (Maureen Faulkner, Elements of Design for Textile Artists)

Always admired Japanese textile techniques and wondered how they were done?  We got you covered!  (Bernadette Thompson, Shibori - a resist technique for dyeing designs onto cloth)

Fascinated by felting and wondered how to do it?  We got you covered!  (Laurie Stefler, Nuno felting - a technique to felt wool onto silk for light weight very drapeable fabrics)

None of the above workshops require any previous knowledge or experience.  All will expand your knowledge and give you a taste of what is involved in these textile arts.

All are two day workshops that will provide a gentle introduction into these topics.

Head on over to the conference website and check out the conference events, take a look at the seminars being offered, draw up a list of things that look interesting, then click on the blue Register Here button, then the green Tickets button, open a cart and join us June 12-15 for Confluences, the fibre arts extravaganza!  Registrants will be coming from all over western Canada, the Pacific northwest and beyond.  (This morning someone from Tennessee registered.)


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