Masters of the Craft - Syne Mitchell

"Syne Mitchell has been a storyteller since she was three and started writing fiction in second grade. She grew up reading science-fiction and fantasy and it was with great honor and delight that her first professional fiction sale was the story “Tiger’s Eye” to Marion Zimmer Bradley for the Sword & Sorceress anthology #9.

An early entrant into college, Syne graduated with a degree in Business Administration at the age of 15, and went on to study physical oceanography and nuclear physics, ultimately graduating with a Master’s degree in solid-state physics. Although she’d completed the course work for a Phd, Syne decided that her true passion was writing and stepped away from science to pursue that dream.

Like many writers, Syne’s had an eclectic career. Highlights include selling beads at a jewelry shop, teaching high-school physics, writing developer documentation for various high-profile tech companies, publishing a weaving magazine and podcast, and currently working as a product manager at Google.

Along the way, she published five novels, a non-fiction book on weaving, and numerous articles and short stories.

When not working or writing, Syne spends time with her family, chases the cat around the house, gardens, weaves, and takes classes in anything she doesn’t already know how to do."

I have known Syne for a few years now, first as a member of the Seattle Weavers Guild, then as the energy behind WeaveCast and WeaveZine.

Later she wrote Inventive Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom.  She has also experimented with adding electronics to textiles

Syne is a welcome addition to our roster bringing an eclectic mix of topics to our workshop and seminars.  There are still some seats left in her workshop and seminars but they may not last much longer!


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