Masters of the Craft - Mary Lessman

Mary’s love affair with fiber started with knitting needles, a crochet hook and yarn when she was 13. She started spinning and weaving when living in Nova Scotia in the 1980s. Raising angora rabbits led to a desire to spin all the fibers. 

She founded the spinning guild in Memphis TN in 1997, giving programs about sheep, the spectrum of cellulose and protein fibers, dyes and dyeing and designing yarns. 

She teaches and demonstrates spinning and natural dyeing in the United States and Canada. She has both levels of the Canadian Wool Judging Certification and earned her Master Spinner Certificate from Olds College, Alberta, Canada. Her monograph is Exploration of Cabled Yarns. She spins and weaves daily and has taken up quilting using handwoven cloth and handspun yarns.

Mary will be exploring dyes from nature as her two day pre-conference workshop, will talk about the Olds College Master Spinner program, and will share her expertise in choosing a fleece and making cabled yarns in her seminars.


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