Masters of the Craft - Bernadette Thompson

Not all of the workshops require prior knowledge or expertise.  For example the Shibori workshop with Bernadette Thompson welcomes everyone.

Bernadette will guide people through the making of various kinds of resists in already woven cloth, then dyeing the fabric.  (Syne Mitchell's workshop will be an exploration of weaving the resists into the cloth as the cloth is woven - on a rigid heddle loom.  For Bernadette's workshop you don't have to be a weaver.)

I was surrounded by textiles in my youth.  My Grandmother always inspired me with her amazing embroidery and dressmaking skills.  My Mother carried on that tradition with her seamstress talent and I wore many a unique outfit in my youth and adolescence.  That history and those fond memories inspired me to carry on the mantle and sew clothes for my children.  Most recently I learned to make figure skating costumes for my youngest.  It also inspired me to achieve my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a major in Fibre Arts.  I am fascinated with the art of everyday life.  The art that we live in, wear, touch, feel.  The art that is often overlooked.  I have been very inspired by a dye technique called Shibori.  This technique originating in Japan allows me to take plain fabric and turn it into something unique.  I have been privileged to also teach others in my community this dye technique.  I find joy in creating for the simple act of creating and think that’s a wonderful thing. 


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