Your Name Here

The name tags are here and ready for Your Name to be added!

We have colour coded the name tags.  The yellow is for the registrants.  All name tags will have bright yellow lanyards.  No pinning into clothing! 

Your name tag will get you into the conference events.  We are also working with local merchants and there may be perqs in the community as well. 

There are many restaurants in the downtown area, most within a 5-7 minute stroll of the conference facilities, in addition to the food services at the two hotels.  Check the conference website for more information - Prince George - Something for Everyone.

Remember to check the workshop and seminar descriptions by clicking on the title, make a list, have several options, sign up for three time slots when you get to the Eventbrite registration site.

It's gonna be a time (as they say in Newfoundland).

*** there may be some tea towels in the conference colours available for purchase during the conference


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