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One of the benefits of attending a conference is that it brings people from a large geographical area all under one roof, so to speak.

I've lived in Prince George my entire life so for me, a lengthy journey to get somewhere else was always a given.

But just like I can go somewhere else...people can make their way here, too!

So we have engaged instructors from BC, Washington, Alberta, California, Ohio, Tennessee and Nova Scotia.  Just think if everyone had to go to those last four places to learn from  those instructors!

How far are we?  Depends on how you look at it.

We are about 450 miles from Vancouver.  A fairly easy day's drive, especially in June with our lovely long daylight hours.  On June 11, 2019, the sun will rise at 4:41 and set at 21:40.  If people don't want to drive - about 8 hours or so - the flight from Vancouver to Prince George is around one hour.  The airport is about a 20 minute shuttle ride from the two conference hotels.

Prince George is also about 450 miles from Edmonton.  You can fly Air Canada or WestJet, but that means a stop in Vancouver, OR you can fly Central Mountain Air which has direct flights from Edmonton to Prince George.  The direct flight is again, about one hour.

Prince George to Calgary is also about 480 miles to drive - a drive well worth taking through the Parkway through the Rocky Mountains.  You can fly Air Canada or WestJet, but you can also get a flight from Calgary on Central Mountain Air.  This flight routes through Edmonton, so the duration is about 3 hours.

Seattle is about 600 miles.  It's a very long one day drive with minimal stops, or a quick flight from SEA to Vancouver, and then that one hour flight to here.

Portland, OR is about 735 miles away.  A two day drive or a flight from PDX to Vancouver and then that one hour hop to here. 

A conference will allow people from the very large (possibly THE largest) geographical region to come together, put names to faces, shop in person, see textiles in real life and maybe even get to touch some of them.  All things that are not possible on the internet - or are much more difficult.

A conference is a time to meet and greet, share our unique fibre stories, engage with others who are as entranced by fibres as we are.

Travelling to a conference is also a way to expand horizons.  I have been told that one registrant is driving from the Yukon, planning on enjoying seeing our country during a nice road trip.  Since we are in the more-or-less centre of the province, there are various highways that can be taken.

Coming from the lower mainland, you have Hwy 1 to Hwy 97 via the Fraser Canyon, or up through Hwy 5 to Kamloops, then back along 1 to 97, or continue on 5 to 16 and turn west.  Once here, you could take 16 out to Prince Rupert, then take the ferry to Vancouver Island and return to the lower mainland from Nanaimo or Victoria.

From Edmonton, it's Hwy 16.  From northern BC/Yukon, it's 97 south.

From the western side of the Cascades, straight up through Seattle and Bellingham to the border, then up Hwy 1 and 97.  From the eastern side of the Cascades, up through Osoyoos, the Okanagan, then Hwy 1 and 97.

Further east yet?  Up through Alberta, then along Hwy 1 or all the way north to 16.

A road trip with a few fibre friends will be a grand adventure.  Share the driving, the cost, have fun. Come on up  (or down, depending on where you are!)


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