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braids by Robyn Spady

Registration opened on Jan. 27 and people are beginning to sign up for workshops and seminars.  (Americans should remember that all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars which means about a 25% discount with the exchange rate at the minute - so $395 Cdn is about $300 US - give or take.)

The website has been updated, more rooms have been added to the hotels* for people coming from out of town and we are beginning to add more events - like a tea towel exchange.

Tourism information is available on the website for any family members coming along who might want to see more of the country or do other things during the conference.  Or if people want to come early or stay late to tour a bit.

We suggest that people register sooner, rather than later, to make sure they get their first choices, but we have tried to get a broad range of seminars that will appeal to as many people as possible.

The actual site of the conference is very contained, geographically - all facilities are within just a few short blocks of each other, all buildings are accessible with elevators to higher floors and air conditioning.  It doesn't usually get very warm in June, but it can.  We recommend dressing in layers because it can be chilly in the morning or later in the evening.

The weather here hasn't been very co-operative with first a big dump of wet snow, then more snow, then the polar vortex wobbling and dumping us into the deep freeze.  So we are really looking forward to spring and having people come up to enjoy some classes, juried exhibits (we have lots of cash awards coming in!), fashion show, vendor hall, general socializing. 

The internet is great, but there is nothing like being able to talk face to face and touch the textiles.

** if there are no rooms left at the conference rate, the Inn of the North says the Seniors rate is the same price withing pennies or if you are a member of AAA, they also have a special discount for that as well


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