Masters of the Craft - Coleen Nimetz

Today I'm going to profile Coleen Nimetz:

Coleen Nimetz holds a Master Spinner Certificate and has been an instructor and technical consultant for the Olds College Master Spinner Programme. Coleen's love of spinning and dyeing, which she teaches throughout North America, has taken her on interesting adventures. Her work as a labourer on a silk farm in northern Laos led her to develop a passion for silk reeling to produce the fine yarns she uses in her knitted lace shawls and miniature cut pile rugs.

Coleen’s current focus is reeling filament silk from cocoons and working with various types of silk. Her articles on silk and silk reeling have been published in Spin-Off and Ply magazines and her work has appeared in juried shows across Canada and the United States. Coleen has received numerous national and international awards, including the Saskatchewan Craft Council Award for Excellence in Textiles.

Coleen's hand spun, hand knit shawl was one of the show stoppers at the ANWG conference in Victoria, BC in 2017.  Her knowledge about and mastery of working with silk is apparent in her work.

Her two day pre-conference workshop about silk and seminars during the conference are sure to be packed with information on the diversity of silk fibres and the array of different types of yarn that can be made from them.


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