Masters of the Craft - Elizabeth Schatz

Elizabeth received her BSc and MSc in Geology from the University of Saskatchewan. While rocks are one of her passions, she learned at a very young age to appreciate fibre arts. Growing up on a farm, Elizabeth helped with all the stages of yarn production from raising sheep to sheering to carding and spinning. Elizabeth learned everything she could about knitting and crochet and absolutely clung to a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s "Knitting Without Tears” which fuelled much of her scientific and artistic curiosity. Elizabeth was intrigued by how mathematics and art fused together
so perfectly to create beautiful garments.
As a teen, she created custom colour work designs for both knitting and crochet. Inspired by her Scandinavian heritage, Elizabeth began to incorporate traditional fair isle designs with images of the natural world. She used images of landscapes and wildlife from places she’d visited or lived to make intricately designed fair isle toques.
Elizabeth also incorporates mosaic knitting and intarsia techniques into her fair isle to produce different effects.
She has also been known to incorporate purled stitches for emphasis and occasionally strand her contrasting colour across the front of her work to produce linear design elements that cannot be created with knitted stitches alone. Today, Elizabeth has a hobby of creating custom fair isle toques upon order and sells a few of her published patterns on Ravelry (
Elizabeth has been knitting and crocheting for 28 years and counting. She began teaching knitting to her fellow university students in 2007 and continued to run free classes and tutorials for students until 2015. Elizabeth is currently completing her PhD in Geology through the Memorial University of Newfoundland. She and her spouse are now living in North Vancouver, British Columbia, where she teaches beginner and advanced knitting classes at Urban Yarns. When she’s not writing her thesis, Elizabeth also enjoys felting, spinning, sewing, nalbinding,
sculpting, drawing, and making Viking knit wire jewelry.


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