Masters of the Craft - Diana Twiss

Diana is an experienced fibre arts instructor with a background in adult education and fine art. Passionate about  fibre, colour, and texture, she has introduced many beginners to the wonders of making yarn and has helped experienced spinners experiment with technique, colour, and fibre to take their spinning to a new level. In addition to spinning for the last 16 years, she is a self-described “fearless knitter” and is currently working on a variety of projects.
Diana has a deep curiosity about how fibres, colours and techniques all work together to make unique yarn, and translates this into accessible, interesting and fun classes. She lives in the countryside outside of Vancouver, BC; grows flax for linen, flowers for her dye pot, and basil and garlic for the best pesto in the valley.

Spinner Spotlight
Instagram: dianatwiss

Diana has been teaching in western Canada bringing her expertise in carding and spinning to students at various fibre events for some years.

Her enthusiasm and knowledge allows students to explore some of the unique ways spinners can bring colour into their yarns.  In addition to her two day workshop, she will present seminars with a two part look at creating thick and thin yarns, then knitting with hand spun yarns.  

There is still room in her workshop and seminars but always a good idea to register as soon as possible rather than wait and discover the class is full!  (Yes, some workshops and seminars are full, or getting that way.)


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