Heart Happy, Heart Healthy

There is more and more research that doing crafts, working with your hands, is actually good for you in terms of mental and physical health.

The fibre crafts are becoming more popular with growth in knitting, and more recently a re-vitalization of spinning, felting and weaving.

Fibre crafts can be practiced one by one or in groups.  More and more, knitters and crocheters are gathering, at local yarn stores or friendly book stores, to spend an hour or two in fellowship, sharing their love of all things fibre.

Conferences expand that gathering of like minded individuals into an educational experience as well as a social one.

We have developed our conference schedule with this opportunity to socialize worked into it.  There is ample chance to meet others who are as fascinated with the various aspects of working with fibre and yarn in the small sized seminars, the exhibit halls, and the small geographic area in which the entire event takes place.

We have had some inquiries about how to get around - the entire event takes place in a three block by three block area around the Canada Way Plaza.

There are seating areas in the plaza as well as in the hotels and Civic Centre.

All the buildings are accessible with elevators to the upper floors.

Today is Valentine's Day.  Show yourself a little self-love and sign up for the conference here

Americans - remember that the current exchange rate means that all the prices quoted are in Canadian dollars and the US exchange rate is 25% in your favour - so that $395 registration fee is actually about $300 US....


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