Making Lists

We dared to dream big dreams - of having people come to our town and plunge into fibre with us!

And now the time is nigh - if you are not currently signed up to the conference website email contact list, you should go do that now.  And check out the array of workshops (pre-conference) and seminars we have arranged for you.

Now that we are at the stage of about to open registration, we have arrived at the list making stage.  That stage where we make lists, check them twice, check with the instructors, check with the facilities.

Details are where it is at and we are making sure we don't forget any!  Or at least none that we can think about ahead of time.

The announcement for registration will be going out very soon.  We suggest you have your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices ready for when you go to register.  Our beta testers are reporting that the registration process is going smoothly so - fingers crossed - it will continue to be smooth for everyone.

But don't delay!

Also note that if you intend to fly, there are codes for both Air Canada and WestJet.  (BC people may want to use smaller regional airlines.)  If you plan on driving, both the Coast Inn of the North and the Courtyard Marriott have parking for their guests.

Once at the hotel everything is in a short walking distance.  Workshops and seminars will take place at the Civic Centre, Art Gallery, Public Library, and the Coast Inn of the North.  Seminars will also be held at the Courtyard Marriott.  Exhibits will be in the ball rooms of the two hotels as well as the Galleria of the Art Gallery.  The author signing will be at the Courtyard Marriott while the keynote address and the fashion show will be at the Civic Centre.

Both hotels have restaurant/food services.  There will be a cafeteria style food service at the Civic Centre during the conference.  There is a family restaurant one block away from the two hotels and many more restaurants, a craft brewery and fast food within a short walk.  There is a Tim Horton's (coffee shop that serves soup/sandwiches) also a short walk away.

Weather can be variable, we suggest layers.

Come and enjoy our long summer days.  Come early and take in the hiking trails, including the Ancient Forest if you want a walk in the woods.  Stay later and go camping, hiking, fishing, boating.

Check out the conference website for links to tourist information such as RV parks while you sign up for the email announcements.


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