Exploring Options

photo courtesy of Abby Franquemont

One of the things we wanted to explore was the confluence of cultures.  We have a number of seminars where people will be able to look at how culture and textiles go together and hopefully come away with a better understanding of how different people have used textiles.

Dr. Susan Pavel will bring a Salish loom and discuss stories of what textiles mean to various people.

Sue Perron will bring voyageur sashes to life.  These traditionally finger woven sashes were used for many things.

Maureen Faulkner has been traveling the world and will share some of the textiles she has collected in her exploration of our wonderful planet.

Alison Irwin will talk about Kumihimo and Pebble Weave.

And of course our keynote speaker, Abby Franquemont, will talk about Andean textiles.

Remember that seminars that have Part I and II in their description are four hours and to take Part II you have to also be in Part I.


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