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The Creative Passion

One of the things that units us is our desire to create.

Some of us do that intuitively, some of us need to learn some hints and tips for helping us bring what we visualize into concrete reality.

In addition to workshops on technique, we also offer:

Tien Chiu, who will provide information on how colour works in weaving in her two day workshop Fearless Colour.

Colour Explorations/Wild About Colour by Diana Twiss in her two day workshop geared towards spinners.

Bob Keates will present his workshop on using Fiberworks for Multi-shaft Weaving. 

And artist Maureen Faulkner will do a two day workshop on design fundamentals for textile artists.

Many of our instructors are well versed in many facets of the craft of creating textiles and in addition to the 18 pre-conference two day workshops there will be 76 seminar slots.  Most seminars will be two hours - plenty of time to get a 'taste' of the topic and find out if participants want to pursue that topic further.  We have scheduled s…

The Passion Continues...

...with cloth

There are many ways to make a textile - knitting, crocheting, weaving, nalbinding, braiding, etc.

Our workshops will look at some of those ways, and our seminars will look at others (more to come on the seminars in a future post).

Jane Stafford will take a close look at huck in her two day workshop.

Robyn Spady will introduce techniques for making a long warp interesting over its entire length.

Alison Irwin has a two day workshop called Let it Snow in which she will illustrate how to sprinkle snowflakes as a motif on various weave structures.

Elizabeth Schatz will introduce knitters to Fair Isle.

Syne Mitchell will make rigid heddle looms sing with woven shibori.

Janet Dawson's workshop Gamptastic will look at how a lot of information can be contained in one textile by altering threading, tie up and treadling sequences - all in the same cloth.

Our key note speaker, Abby Franquemont's workshop on Andean Backstrap Weaving, will show how those intricate textiles ar…