Thread by Thread, Pick by Pick

Crafting a conference isn't all that different from weaving, really.

There is the Grand Design, then all the little steps that go into getting the design into workable shape, the polishing, the finishing, and then hope it all comes together the way one had hoped it would.

The 'warp' of the conference is the roster of instructors.  They will each bring their unique experiences, perspectives and knowledge.  They will add colour and texture to the event. 

The registrants are the 'weft' and the intersection of the two coming together will create something that did not exist before.

The exhibits, vendor hall, keynote and smaller events will add to the whole. 

In terms of weaving, we are at the checking twice stage - confirming with the instructors what they will require in order to hopefully have everything go smoothly at the time. 

The more we get things 'right' at this stage, the more enjoyable the actual event will be - for everyone.

So stay tuned. 

(We already have 435 people on the website contact list.  The conference facilities can accept 500.  Still on track to open registration some time in January.)


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