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Last week I introduced some of our instructors and their topics.  Since several of those instructors will also be teaching spinning, what can you expect?

Michelle Boyd is 'technical' in her approach, appreciating the sciences involved in spinning. 

Coleen Nimetz will put silk under the microscope to discover the essential nature of the fibre and how to work with it in terms of creating a yarn from the filaments.

Kim McKenna will focus on using the distaff as she presents information on how to work flax and wool.

Sarah Wroot will hone in on how to create yarns to use in weaving.  If you've ever wanted to go from sheep's back to your back, this might be the workshop for you!

Diana Twiss's approach to creating yarn will be to explore how to create unique colours as the yarn is made.

While Mary Lessman (also an Olds College master spinner instructor) will delve into dyeing yarn with natural dyes.

One of the reasons we chose Confluences as our theme is how often the various techniques in the creation of textiles overlaps, informs and inspires us in our textile practice.


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