We have spent the past few weeks sifting through the proposals, checking over room assignments, drawing up spread sheet after spread sheet, because it's all about the details.

The Civic Centre can accommodate 500 registrants for the general session addresses - we are hoping to fill all those seats.  500 registrants plus 24 instructors, (plus guests) is a lot of details.

So we are crossing Ts, dotting Is, then asking the instructors to review and edit their information accordingly.

We have also been working on other aspects of the schedule.

Over the next few days I will be asking any special interest groups to contact me if they wish to schedule a meeting of their group.  We have a small board room available plus a larger room that could be used - both in the Courtyard Marriott.

But the time to book these rooms is now - or at least in the very near future.

Once we have the schedule fine tuned it will be posted on our conference website so people interested in attending will see what is scheduled and can make their plans accordingly.

After we hear back from all the instructors, the workshop and seminar schedule will also be posted to our website so that people will know what is scheduled when.  A number of topics will be repeated because so often something of interest conflicts with something else.  By running the same topic twice, more people will be able to choose the topics they are most interested in.

A few of the seminars are four hours and are scheduled for the morning and afternoon of the same day.  Those are identified as Part I and Part II.  The pre-requisite for part II is part I, so if you want part II of a topic, you have to sign up for part I.

The conference is not providing catering beyond light refreshments in the evening (if the budget allows) but a list of restaurants is on the website, plus we hope to have menus and such available in the lobby of the Civic Centre.  Both hotels have food services, there is a White Spot across the street from the Coast Inn of the North, a Tim Horton's (doughnuts plus soup and sandwiches) next door, plus an array of various restaurants within a few blocks of the hotels.  We are also investigating a food bar in the lobby of the Civic Centre which generally has soups and salads as well as desserts.

For 'fine' dining, there are a number of restaurants just a few blocks from the Civic Centre.

Do check out the conference website for tourist information and services.


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