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Shop Til You Drop

One of the big attractions of attending a conference is the opportunity to add to the stash!  We have not overlooked this very important part of any fibre conference.

We are already receiving registrations for vendor booths.  The vendors will be housed at the Civic Centre and will be able to start setting up on Wed., June 12 from 2-8 pm, then continue the following morning from 7 am- 12 noon.  The vendor hall will then open for business at 12 noon and continue Thursday evening until 9 pm.

Friday and Saturday the open hours will be from 10 am until 6 pm.

Prepare to be inspired!


We have spent the past few weeks sifting through the proposals, checking over room assignments, drawing up spread sheet after spread sheet, because it's all about the details.
The Civic Centre can accommodate 500 registrants for the general session addresses - we are hoping to fill all those seats.  500 registrants plus 24 instructors, (plus guests) is a lot of details.
So we are crossing Ts, dotting Is, then asking the instructors to review and edit their information accordingly.
We have also been working on other aspects of the schedule.
Over the next few days I will be asking any special interest groups to contact me if they wish to schedule a meeting of their group.  We have a small board room available plus a larger room that could be used - both in the Courtyard Marriott.
But the time to book these rooms is now - or at least in the very near future.
Once we have the schedule fine tuned it will be posted on our conference website so people interested in attending will see wh…

Conference Schedule

Work on the conference proceeds and things are shaping up nicely. 

We have booked the board room at the Courtyard Marriott and any special interest groups who would like to reserve this room may do so by letting us know. 

The room will be available on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the day.  (ANWG board meeting is scheduled for 4 pm Thursday.)

The schedule of events will be available soon.  We are just hammering out the details.  Check the conference website as updates will be posted as soon as details are confirmed.

Any attending authors will be able to register for the author signing, also at the Courtyard Marriott, booked for 6 pm on the Thursday.  This event will take place in the lobby of the hotel so we will need to know how many authors wish to participate so that we can make sure there is enough space for everyone.  The registration form will be posted on the conference website soon.  Other forms for guild exhibit booths, general exhibits and the fashion show will a…

Crafting a Conference

Crafting a conference really isn’t much different from crafting cloth.  If you think of the instructors as the warp and the participants as the weft, they come together to make something greater than the sum of their parts.

One of the great benefits of coming together to meet in real life is that we can have conversations and creativity can be sparked in ways that might not happen on line, no matter how enjoyable remote connections can be.

We have been working on the list of instructors, discussing their topics, making sure everyone is geared up for next year.  There have been some hiccoughs, because there always will be, but nearly everything is resolved and we are making steady progress.

As soon as everyone is back from vacation, there will be a final look at the plans.  But everything still looks good for registration to go live sometime in January.