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Details, Details

It's all in the details!

A conference is a gathering of like minded people, but they are all on the journey of learning at a different place.  For most crafts in this century, most practitioners are doing it for the love of it, and learning as best they can by reading, taking classes and lots of experimenting.

With this in mind, we have developed a schedule with a variety of different topics.  There will be workshops on designing as well as craft specific workshops and seminars.  We are hoping that there will be something to appeal to everyone.  Seminars are meant to be 'tasters' - a spot light shining on an aspect of the craft that people can take to discover if they are interested in pursuing it further.  Or short intense looks at some aspect of the craft to make it more interesting or less challenging.  For instance, we have a knitting instructor who will do a seminar called Taking the Eek out of Steek!  Intrigued?  More info coming soon.  Stay tuned.

We are in the fin…


Our summers can be shorter than we would like so we tend to make the most of them.  While working on the conference continues, people are out of town or tied up in their gardening (a number of our guild members are also master gardeners), so things have gone a wee bit quiet.

However, rest assured, we are still working on it.

Recently we were offered an opportunity we would like to pursue in terms of an exhibit.  We are still working out details and it may all come to naught, but hopefully!

An event of this size means that there are details galore.  It is during this time that we are working through all the myriad details that go into crafting a conference.

The view above is taken from the Ancient Forest (about 45 or so minutes drive from town) looking out across the valley to the hills across the valley.  A little further east is the Mount Robson viewpoint.  It is a rare treat to see the mountain peak, but just another of the lovely views in our province. 

We hope that people will ta…