Design Challenge

DANGEROUS COATS Someone clever once said Women were not allowed pockets In case they carried leaflets To spread sedition Which means unrest To you & me A grandiose word For commonsense Fairness Kindness Equality So ladies, start sewing Dangerous coats Made of pockets & sedition

by Sharon Owens

Recently came across this poem by author Sharon Owens and thought long and hard about pockets.

Pockets are so useful and women's clothing so seldom has them. So here is a design challenge: think about pockets. They can be hidden or in plain view. They can be empty. Or full. If full, what are they full of?

We challenge you to imagine the pocket. And what it might contain.

We are working on the parameters for the exhibits. One of our helping guilds is looking for award sponsors. Awards can be cash and/or ribbons. All exhibits will be 'open' and all entries into the exhibitions will be eligible for awards. (We reserve the right to not display something if there isn't room or we don't have proper display equipment.)

If you or your guild would like to sponsor an award, contact Alison at:


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