Instructors Line Up

This weekend was the ANWG board meeting and the annual membership meeting where we announced our line up of instructors.

We drew heavily on our local talent who may not be well known outside of western Canada, but also included some from beyond our 'borders'.

So - drum roll, please!

Keynote speaker:  Abby Franquemont (Ohio)

Workshops and Seminars:

Michelle Boyd (Alberta)

Tien Chiu (California)

Janet Dawson (Nova Scotia)

Forest Felters:  Hugh Perkins and Kathy Juncker (BC)

Alison Irwin (BC)

Bob Keates (BC)

Mary Lessman (TN)

Kim McKenna (BC)

Coleen Nimetz (BC)

Sarah Wroot (BC)

Robyn Spady (WA)

Jane Stafford (BC)

Diana Twiss (BC)

Seminars Only

Yoriko Oki (BC)

Dr. Susan Pavel (WA)

Leola Witt McNei (BC)

Plus a couple more seminar only leaders to fill empty spots in the schedule, to be determined

We have tried to cover as many of the fibre crafts as possible with workshops in spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting.  Seminars will broaden the scope, tasters of other fibre crafts also included.

Confluence - the coming together of different things.  Spinners may dye.  Weavers may spin.  Felters may knit.  Stay tuned for more information on individual instructors, coming in July (because I'm out of town nearly all of June!)


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