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Progress Report

Image provided by Abby Franquemont

As we begin to nail down the details of the conference, we will be posting progress reports here.

The fine details of any event of this size can be elusive at times but can be refined once the broad strokes are in place.

We now have the workshop instructors lined up and are sorting out the seminar topics.  There will be a few seminar only leaders as well and as soon as we are done with the workshop/seminar instructors, we will get the seminar only instructors slotted into the empty seminar rooms and flesh out the rest of our schedule.

The ANWG Board meeting and Annual Membership Meeting will take place in Portland in May.  The list of instructors will be announced at that time and then we will begin introducing our team. 

So, stay tuned!

While You are Here

Our city is nestled in the valley where the Nechako meets the Fraser River.  We have many walking trails both inside the city limits and within a few hours drive.

Not far from the conference centre, there is Cottonwood Park, adjacent to the railway museum.  (When walking through the park, watch out for the 'tree spirits'.)  If you or a traveling companion like big machines, the railway museum has lots to see.  And a patio dedicated to my brother, who spent many happy hours working at the museum.

Across the river from Cottonwood Park is the Northern Lights Winery, and just a few blocks from the conference centre is the new Crossroads Brewery/Pub.  There are many excellent restaurants within a five minute walk. 

We have many parks in the town, from Connaught Hill Park, overlooking the conference site and easily accessible by the staircase up the side of the hill across from the library, and the L'heidli Tenneh Memorial Park  a short drive away, situated on the Fraser River.