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Cultures Coming Together

When attending the conference here in Prince George, people might want to schedule an extra day in Vancouver in order to go to the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.

The museum has an incredible textile collection, not just of European textiles, but aboriginal textiles like this hat from the Heiltsuk nation.  It is finely woven and painted with imagery from their artistic tradition.

Their permanent collection houses textiles from north, central and south America as well as Asia and is well worth staying an extra day to check it out.

Much of the collection is on display, not stored away, out of view.

In our conference offerings we are attempting to embrace other cultures.  I chatted with Dr. Susan Pavel, who will lead a seminar and talk about Salish textile traditions and culture.  We agreed wholeheartedly that by using our common love of textiles we can make a meeting point between different cultures.  Create a Confluence to build upon, to bring people toge…

Author Signing Event

Since we will have quite a few authors attending the conference, we are planning an author signing event.

Of course our keynote speaker is known for her book Respect the Spindle, but a number of our other instructors (and possibly attendees) have also published books. 

We will be making arrangements for this event to happen, probably on the Thursday evening during the evening vendor sales time. 

The vendors will be in the large hall at the Civic Centre, and the lobby of the building makes a great meeting place.  We will provide tables for the authors and we are hoping the vendors will carry copies of the authors books to sell.


One of the best things about attending a conference is being able to sit down and talk to other people who are as intrigued by textiles as you are.  Plus, you get to actually touch textiles, not just see them in a photo, trying to imagine how they feel. 

You get to ask questions of people who may have explored a technique you are interested in but haven't had the chance to explore. 

You get to bounce ideas back and forth.

You get to imagine.  To dream big dreams. 

And you might even have a chance to buy the fibres/yarns to make those dreams become reality.

Confluences will have 14 two day pre-conference workshops covering a range of textile techniques.  The leaders of those workshops will then present seminars during the conference proper.

We will have social evenings Thur/Fri/Sat in the lobby of the convention centre.

We encourage everyone to bring their handmade textiles to wear/show/share.

We invite everyone to imagine!