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Our Theme

The theme for our conference is Confluences.  Our intention with this theme is to explore how various textile crafts can intersect, how different cultures can intersect, how different creative minds can intersect.

To this end we have selected a line up of presenters that we hope will encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone, explore something different, travel beyond their current boundaries.

Our keynote speaker, Abby Franquemont, is well known in the spinning world for her expertise in making yarn.  But she also knows a lot about backstrap weaving.

Abby has authored a book called Respect the Spindle, written articles for various magazines, and is now exploring options for on line teaching. 

Her parents were anthropologists and they spent many years living in Peru with their daughters.  Abby learned about spinning and weaving alongside the other village children.  Her experiences growing up in the Andes and the United States will inform her keynote address and her kno…

Introducing the Prince George Fibre Arts Guild

Our guild was established in 1974, primarily as a weaving guild.  It didn't take long for members to get more involved in spinning, then dyeing, knitting, and felting.  Some members also quilt and do bobbin lace as well as other textile crafts.

We hosted our first regional conference in 1980 with Diane Mortenson as the keynote speaker.  Then in 1985 we hosted another regional conference with Allen Fannin (author of Handloom Weaving Technology as well as a book on hand spinning) as keynote.

We have been members of the Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds for many years and hosted their conference in 1995 with Jack Lenor Larson as keynote speaker.  He also agreed to have his textiles on display at the art gallery during the conference.

Now we are hosting the ANWG conference again, this time in 2019.

Our keynote this time will be Abby Franquemont and she will address our theme Confluences in her unique way.

We have assembled a diverse group of instructors who we hope will inspire…