Our summers can be shorter than we would like so we tend to make the most of them.  While working on the conference continues, people are out of town or tied up in their gardening (a number of our guild members are also master gardeners), so things have gone a wee bit quiet.

However, rest assured, we are still working on it.

Recently we were offered an opportunity we would like to pursue in terms of an exhibit.  We are still working out details and it may all come to naught, but hopefully!

An event of this size means that there are details galore.  It is during this time that we are working through all the myriad details that go into crafting a conference.

The view above is taken from the Ancient Forest (about 45 or so minutes drive from town) looking out across the valley to the hills across the valley.  A little further east is the Mount Robson viewpoint.  It is a rare treat to see the mountain peak, but just another of the lovely views in our province. 

We hope that people will ta…


We have block booked rooms at the two main hotels on the plaza and where there will be conference events happening as well.

The Coast Inn of the North is where some of the workshops and seminars will be happening, as well as the guild booths, while the Courtyard Marriott will have exhibits and some other events.

The Coast Inn of the North is pet friendly and has a range of rooms available.  The Comfort Double has two double beds and the maximum number of people is four.  Two can stay for the same price as one.

The Courtyard Marriott is the newest addition to the downtown for guest accommodations.  They also have a variety of qualities of rooms available, plus special amenities like the only salt water swimming pool in town.

The Courtyard has just provided us with a link for people wanting to get their rooms organized

Do let the hotels know that you are with the Association of Northwest Weavers Conference.  The Courtyard link will get you to the appropriate place for their hotel.


Fashion Show

One of the highlights of the ANWG conference is the fashion show.  We encourage people to be thinking about our theme of Confluences - how the different textile arts can be combined - and plan on entering a garment (or fashion accessory) into the fashion show.

We are working on the entry forms for this and the other exhibits and will be posting the forms in the next few weeks.

Even if you don't enter the fashion show, we encourage people to create unique clothing and wear it during the conference.

Telling Stories

One of the things most textile teachers have in common is their stories.

With this in mind, we will be scheduling an author signing event and several of the instructors have already committed to participating.

Since books are heavy, we are suggesting that vendors bring in books for purchase, or bring your own copies and have the author sign it.

Textiles are made all over the world by every culture.  Every culture has a story about their textiles, whether they make cordage, felt, spin and weave.  In Europe folk or 'fairy' tales frequently have textiles as part of their plot - Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel (some versions say they left a trail of string to find their way out of the woods),  The Swan Princes, Rapunzel and so on.

Some of the earliest textiles found so far are neolithic - the string skirts depicted in the small goddess figurines.  These skirts were made using spindles or spun on the thigh and were highly prized given the labour it took to make them.

We look fo…

Design Challenge

DANGEROUS COATS Someone clever once said Women were not allowed pockets In case they carried leaflets To spread sedition Which means unrest To you & me A grandiose word For commonsense Fairness Kindness Equality So ladies, start sewing Dangerous coats Made of pockets & sedition

by Sharon Owens

Recently came across this poem by author Sharon Owens and thought long and hard about pockets.

Pockets are so useful and women's clothing so seldom has them. So here is a design challenge: think about pockets. They can be hidden or in plain view. They can be empty. Or full. If full, what are they full of?

We challenge you to imagine the pocket. And what it might contain.

We are working on the parameters for the exhibits. One of our helping guilds is looking for award sponsors. Awards can be cash and/or ribbons. All exhibits will be 'open' and all entries into the exhibitions will be eligible for awards. (We reserve the right to not display somethi…


The count down to June 2019 begins!

This summer final details for the conference will be determined, adjustments made to the schedule, tweaks to the classes made.

A local person will be compiling a list of nearby restaurants/eateries, campgrounds for those people who may be touring, alternate hotels/motels, things for people to do while in the area. 

One of the things changing the downtown of our little town is the growth of craft breweries, and specialty restaurants.  There is also a very nice park overlooking the plaza where the conference will be held.  It's a bit of a hike if walking, but about a 2 minute drive.

In addition there is the railway museum a five minute drive away, the L'heidle Teneh park where the small steam engine puffs away on the weekends (not to mention the ice cream shop), Exploration Place (also in the park), and further afield the David Douglas Garden at the University of Northern British Columbia.  Yet further away are the newest provincial park, the…

Instructors Line Up

This weekend was the ANWG board meeting and the annual membership meeting where we announced our line up of instructors.

We drew heavily on our local talent who may not be well known outside of western Canada, but also included some from beyond our 'borders'.

So - drum roll, please!

Keynote speaker:  Abby Franquemont (Ohio)

Workshops and Seminars:

Michelle Boyd (Alberta)

Tien Chiu (California)

Janet Dawson (Nova Scotia)

Forest Felters:  Hugh Perkins and Kathy Juncker (BC)

Alison Irwin (BC)

Bob Keates (BC)

Mary Lessman (TN)

Kim McKenna (BC)

Coleen Nimetz (BC)

Sarah Wroot (BC)

Robyn Spady (WA)

Jane Stafford (BC)

Diana Twiss (BC)

Seminars Only

Yoriko Oki (BC)

Dr. Susan Pavel (WA)

Leola Witt McNei (BC)

Plus a couple more seminar only leaders to fill empty spots in the schedule, to be determined

We have tried to cover as many of the fibre crafts as possible with workshops in spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting.  Seminars will broaden the scope, tasters of other fibre crafts also i…