Masters of the Craft - Syne Mitchell

"Syne Mitchell has been a storyteller since she was three and started writing fiction in second grade. She grew up reading science-fiction and fantasy and it was with great honor and delight that her first professional fiction sale was the story “Tiger’s Eye” to Marion Zimmer Bradley for the Sword & Sorceress anthology #9.
An early entrant into college, Syne graduated with a degree in Business Administration at the age of 15, and went on to study physical oceanography and nuclear physics, ultimately graduating with a Master’s degree in solid-state physics. Although she’d completed the course work for a Phd, Syne decided that her true passion was writing and stepped away from science to pursue that dream.
Like many writers, Syne’s had an eclectic career. Highlights include selling beads at a jewelry shop, teaching high-school physics, writing developer documentation for various high-profile tech companies, publishing a weaving magazine and podcast, and currently working as a pro…

No Previous Experience

Dyes from natural dye stuff don't have to be drab!

The entry into fibre arts can be easy!  Always wanted to learn how to dye using natural dyes?  We got you covered!  (Mary Lessman, Colours from Nature)

Always wanted to know more about how to create interesting designs but don't know anything about design principles?  We got you covered!  (Maureen Faulkner, Elements of Design for Textile Artists)

Always admired Japanese textile techniques and wondered how they were done?  We got you covered!  (Bernadette Thompson, Shibori - a resist technique for dyeing designs onto cloth)

Fascinated by felting and wondered how to do it?  We got you covered!  (Laurie Stefler, Nuno felting - a technique to felt wool onto silk for light weight very drapeable fabrics)

None of the above workshops require any previous knowledge or experience.  All will expand your knowledge and give you a taste of what is involved in these textile arts.

All are two day workshops that will provide a gentle introduct…

Entry Deadlines Loom!!!!

photo by Joe Coca for Magic in the Water

Wow - how did it get to be March 21st already????

Just a friendly reminder that entry deadlines are most definitely looming - April 1 - no fooling!

People have been incredibly generous in sponsoring awards - we have lots and lots of cash awards just waiting for people to send in their entry forms, then bring their items to the conference for jurying.

Why do we need to know what is coming?

For the fashion show we need time to write up the commentary and get programs printed.

For the exhibits we need to have some idea of what is coming so that we can try to find appropriate display apparatus.

So - don't hesitate - get your entry forms filled out and sent in...

Due to Popular Demand

Robyn Spady

When two workshops filled, we approached the instructors and asked if they would take a few more people.  They both said yes, if the room would be big enough to hold more.

It took a bit of juggling but we have moved some people around, allowing for more in the two 'full' workshops (and one seminar!) and people can now register for Jane Stafford's workshop on Huck, and/or her two part seminar Introduction to Units or Robyn Spady's workshop Extreme Warp Makeover.

Go to the conference website, click on the Register Here button, click on the green Tickets button, open a cart and sign up.  It's just that easy.

Masters of the Craft - Bob Keates

heart motif designed using Fiberworks

"I came to Canada in the early 1970s with a PhD in Biochemistry and met Ingrid Boesel at McMaster University. She had already been weaving for several years. During a sabbatical year in California, Ingrid started work on the Guild of Canadian Weavers certificate course. 
I had learned computer programming in order to connect lab instruments with computers, and so the first “baby” Fiberworks (software for weaving design) came into being to assist her studies.

After Convergence 1986 in Toronto, I surveyed the weaving software on offer and we thought that we could do better. A year later Fiberworks for MS-DOS was released for sale.  Ingrid’s studies continued with the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Master Weaver program, with Fiberworks gaining abilities to keep up with her needs. 
Ingrid continued to build up a reputation in weaving, with innovations in tied weaves, advancing twills, network drafting, and four-colour double weave.  Our collaborat…

Masters of the Craft: Janet Dawson

A selection of colour gamps - a textile that shows a variety of options in a single fabric to see how they will look woven
Janet learned to weave at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in 1994 and taught the weaving program there from 2000 to 2009. She teaches across the US and Canada and has almost 8000 (latest figure) students in her Floor Loom Weaving class at In addition to her own weaving business, The Weaver’s Palette, Janet owns The Bobbin Tree, a store catering to weavers, spinners, knitters and felters.

Janet’s focus has swung from complex weaves to simple cloth and back again over the years. Her current passion is for teaching the mechanics of cloth: understanding and communicating the actual structure of weaving structures. She has a rare knack for communicating complex ideas in ways that are easy to comprehend, and her favourite thing is witnessing that moment of understanding when things click for students for the first time.
While Janet is, perhaps, bes…

Masters of the Craft - Alison Irwin

"While my formal introduction to weaving was through a night school class in the early 1970s, my connection to handmade cloth began much earlier. One Christmas in the late 1950s I was given a little rigid heddle loom. Between then and now, I’ve expanded on those early lessons by taking workshops at both guild and conference levels, and by exploring interesting techniques at home. Many of those projects incorporate picked-up designs, some woven on inkle looms and others on 4 shafts. I also play with kumihimo and paper weaving, and enjoy sharing what I discover through classes and demonstrations. Away from the studio, I’m constantly inspired by what I see during morning walks in the seaside neighbourhood in which I live — my camera, as always, slung over my shoulder!"

Alison will be presenting a two day weaving workshop:  Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Make your overshot runners or cushions more festive by scattering ‘frosted flakes’ over the fabric. This is accomplish…